John Wilkes Booth Facts – The biography

John Wilkes Booth will always be remembered because of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Since his time, he was considered to be a really promising American actor. As a matter of fact, he is claimed to be the best – of all time that is. Aside from this, the actor was very much vocal about his support for the Civil War. This happened from the year 1861 down to that of 1865. This was then linked to the assassination of President Lincoln. This will always be embedded in John Wilkes Booth facts.

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Originally, Booth was from Bel Air, Maryland. He was then the son of an actor named Junius Brutus.  His mother is Mary Ann Holmes. Growing up as a child, he was really spoiled. However, he had a very limited amount of education because he cannot seem to cope up with his regular school on a daily basis. This is not surprising because for most of the time, his father needs to be on the road. This is the chance for him to appear in plays which was conducted even to other parts of the country. Booth was only fourteen years old by then when he died. This was a difficult time.

It cannot be denied that Booth was charming and handsome. While he was still a teenager, he finally decided to be an actor because he emulated his father. The same was also true with his brother whose name was Edwin. There were times when he would not want to learn any of his lines. He may also be unwilling to work in terms of acting. Despite all of these flaws though, he will always be a natural talent. That skill was just innate on him. This would make him popular because of the performances he had with the various plays of William Shakespeare. This transpired in Richmond, Virginia.

In the year 1860, Lincoln was declared and elected president. This was the time when his being known reach its peak. He was given the chance to play before audiences who are always from across the country. This was the reason why he turned out to be really famous.

As compared to his whole family, John had been a South supporter ever since. He has his own beliefs about Civil War. He even perceived this to be necessary in the maintenance of Freedom from the South. He very much resented the Northern position. He want slavery outlawed entirely. He was present during the execution of John Brown. Brown by then was famous because of him being abolitionist.

It was in the year 1862 when Booth faced a breathing problem. This was the reason why he left the stage. He started working and devising on a plan so he could kidnap the then president, Abraham Lincoln. His mission was for the president to be delivered to Richmond. He wanted to use the president for the exchange of the Confederate prisoners. It was after a performance when Booth killed the president. He shot him dead.