Seahorse Facts for Kids – What kids need to learn?

Seahorse gets to propel itself with a small fin. This is found on its back. Basically, it has the ability to fuller even up to 35 times. It may do this for every second. At the back of its head, there are also pectoral fins. These are utilized so that stirring may take place. These are some of the basics about seahorse facts for kids. What else can be learned about it?

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Discovering seahorses

Seahorses come in almost 40 species known. These will always prefer to swim. They usually do this in pair and their tails are usually linked together this way. These can also swim upright. This is done by them so that it will be easier for predators to be avoided. As this happens, they mimic the color of the plants underwater so that they will not be seen at all. Except with that of crabs, only a number of marine predators are interested in eating sea horses. This occurs for the reason that the mentioned creature is just too bony. It cannot be digested properly as well. These are just among the points why they are unlikely to be eaten by some.

As said on one of its main features, seahorses are most likely going to propel themselves with the use of their small fin. This is located on their back and this may flutter up even up to 35 times. This is how it works for second. There may also be smaller pectoral fins. These are now found near the back of head. This is utilized for steering. Because of the shape of its body, most of these seahorses would prefer to become inept swimmers. There are instances when they can be threatened by exhaustion. They can die this way most especially as they find themselves being in the midst of a storm-roiled sea. This is not pleasing to know.

With the presence of their prehensile tails, they can simply anchor with corals and sea grasses. They do this with the use of their elongated snouts. This may be stuck in a plankton and even that of small crustaceans. This sometimes drift by. The seahorse also comes with the ability to suck up food. This may be done even if it is 3cm away. Needless to say, the sea horse can feed constantly with tiny fish and plankton. It may also move its eyes independently. This is the main reason why it can just follow the mere activity of passing sea life without having to give away its presence.

What is surprising to hear is that sea horses do not even have stomach or teeth. Their food will just pass through the digestive system of the said animal. This may occur quickly than expected. However, there is just a vital necessity for them to eat so that they can stay alive. Even if this is the case, sea horse may also consume up to a maximum of 3,000. This may be even more. Seahorses are also monogamous.

John Wilkes Booth Facts – The biography

John Wilkes Booth will always be remembered because of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Since his time, he was considered to be a really promising American actor. As a matter of fact, he is claimed to be the best – of all time that is. Aside from this, the actor was very much vocal about his support for the Civil War. This happened from the year 1861 down to that of 1865. This was then linked to the assassination of President Lincoln. This will always be embedded in John Wilkes Booth facts.

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Originally, Booth was from Bel Air, Maryland. He was then the son of an actor named Junius Brutus.  His mother is Mary Ann Holmes. Growing up as a child, he was really spoiled. However, he had a very limited amount of education because he cannot seem to cope up with his regular school on a daily basis. This is not surprising because for most of the time, his father needs to be on the road. This is the chance for him to appear in plays which was conducted even to other parts of the country. Booth was only fourteen years old by then when he died. This was a difficult time.

It cannot be denied that Booth was charming and handsome. While he was still a teenager, he finally decided to be an actor because he emulated his father. The same was also true with his brother whose name was Edwin. There were times when he would not want to learn any of his lines. He may also be unwilling to work in terms of acting. Despite all of these flaws though, he will always be a natural talent. That skill was just innate on him. This would make him popular because of the performances he had with the various plays of William Shakespeare. This transpired in Richmond, Virginia.

In the year 1860, Lincoln was declared and elected president. This was the time when his being known reach its peak. He was given the chance to play before audiences who are always from across the country. This was the reason why he turned out to be really famous.

As compared to his whole family, John had been a South supporter ever since. He has his own beliefs about Civil War. He even perceived this to be necessary in the maintenance of Freedom from the South. He very much resented the Northern position. He want slavery outlawed entirely. He was present during the execution of John Brown. Brown by then was famous because of him being abolitionist.

It was in the year 1862 when Booth faced a breathing problem. This was the reason why he left the stage. He started working and devising on a plan so he could kidnap the then president, Abraham Lincoln. His mission was for the president to be delivered to Richmond. He wanted to use the president for the exchange of the Confederate prisoners. It was after a performance when Booth killed the president. He shot him dead.

Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms: Signs of ADD and ADHD in Children and Adults

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) are among the most common childhood and adult behavior disorders. Symptoms include difficulty staying focused and paying attention, being able to control behavior and also overactive behavior.

Symptoms of ADD and ADHD

The most typical behaviors associated with ADHD and ADD are hyperactivity, inability to pay attention and impulsive behavior. All children exhibit some of these behaviors from time to time, but for children and adults with true ADD and ADHD, the behaviors are frequent and more severe.

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Attention Problems

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, people with symptoms of attention problems may exhibit:

  • Being distracted easily
  • Switching activities frequently
  • Becoming bored
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Taking longer to process information
  • Appearing to daydream
  • Not listening
  • Not able to follow instructions

Hyperactivity Problems

  • Constant fidgeting
  • Not able to sit still
  • Excessive talking

Problems with Impulsive Behavior

  • Frequent interrupting
  • Impatience
  • Trouble waiting
  • Seeming Inability to understand consequences

Things to Keep in Mind When Considering Symptoms of ADD and ADHD

Many times ADHD and ADD go undiagnosed because the behaviors are attributed to “bad” behavior or discipline problems. The typical symptoms that are associated with ADHD are not always present for everyone with the disorder. Children and adults can have ADD and still be able to sit quietly for long periods of time while they work, or appear to work. However, their mind may be on many different things and they may be having trouble focusing.

Because many people with ADHD have trouble interacting or with appropriate social behaviors, a child who gets along well with peers may be mistakenly overlooked as potentially having ADD. Children and adults with ADHD may be able to behave appropriately but still have difficulty with attention.

Diagnosing ADD

A diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is not made lightly. Doctors usually conduct multiple tests, including psychological assessments, neurological and physical exams. Traditional guidelines require that a child or adult present symptoms for at least six months. Age appropriate behavior is also taken into consideration.

OneADDplace has an online behavior assessment that can be used to help determine whether or not ADD or ADHD may be a factor in a child or adult’s behavior. The site cautions that the assessment not be considered a tool for self-diagnosis, but can be a checklist to discuss with a doctor or health care practitioner.

Treatment Options for ADD and ADHD

Treatment plans for Attention Disorders are very individualized but can be very successful when a combination of medication, psychological and other therapies are used together. Medications can include stimulating and non-stimulating drugs. Behavior modification is one of the frequent and successful forms of psychological therapy used for treating ADHD. Alternative treatment may include homeopathy, nutritional intervention, biofeedback and yoga and meditation.

Close monitoring and cooperation between doctors, teachers, therapists, parents and spouses and other family members during treatment offers the best chance for success in treating ADHD and ADD.

Understanding the different types of symptoms of Attention Disorders is one of the key factors in getting a proper diagnosis and treatment.